Daniel Mitropolsky

mitropolsky @ cscolumbiaedu

Aliases: Danny, Dan, Dani, Mito, Даня, Даниил Всеволодович Митропольский, 水戸みとさとし, 刘智龙

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I am a second year PhD student at Columbia University in the Theory of Computation group and the NLP group.

I have the pleasure of being advised by Christos Papadimitriou and Michael Collins. I am interested in everything, but my main research interests are:


Before starting my PhD, I lived in San Francisco and worked as a Software Engineer at Google on the Google Search team.
Before that, I did my undergrad at Yale University where I graduated summa cum laude with an intensive B.S. in Mathematics and a B.S. in Computer Science.


Errata for Computational Complexity (Arora Barak)


Industry research